Red Dots

The magician shows the audience a spatula with a red dot appears on both sides of the spatula spatula to the opposite hand ( left) and two red dots appear on both sides is passed, then they disappear one remaining with a single red dot .

The domino card

In the magic kit you will find a chart showing two diamonds on one side and five on the other. If you take this letter hiding one of the rhombus of the bottom you can make it appear that it is the one of diamonds , if you catch it at the other end seems to be three, on the other hand if you do it just looks like the four six of diamonds . You'll have to practice this trick enough to not notice as your finger covers the rhombus space correctly. The faster you change the number of diamonds in the letter, more will your audience dumbfounded .

The traveling coin in the box

A coin is inserted into the slot, the box moves to show that the currency is inside, is left on the table and magically the coin vanishes and reappears in your pocket , viewers will not discover the trick despite examine the currency and see the box.

The magic of thimbles

The magician puts a thimble on the forefinger of his right hand and , suddenly, vanishes !.

Where is the coin?

The magician places two white plastic caps lightweight on the table and asks a member of the public who consider obviously plugs are normal . Then the magician moves away from the audience and asks someone to put a coin under one of the caps. He turns and without hesitation ; Choose the one cap that hides the coin !.

The coin crossed

The magician places a one euro coin in a box , puts the lid and then pulls five pins that is introduced one by one through the coin box . Then pulls the pins and displays the fully intact monedan .

The Houdini Dice

It shows the public a given embedded in a frame with a piece of string that runs through both. While a voluntary public holding the rope on both sides, the magician covering his hands with the help of a handkerchief, manages to remove the die frame without breaking the rope. After the trick, the public may examine all elements.


A cube, hidden in the hand of a member of the public, it suddenly turn into two.

The ball juggler

A ball is kept in balance left over magic wand going from one extreme to the other, after performing this trick, you show the ball and wand to the public for inspection.

The floating ring

The magician pulls out his wand from his jacket pocket and enter a ring. At his command, the Anilo will move up and down the wand, look like they are bewitched but when the magician asks the public to examine them, everything seems normal.


The magician gets four cards and places them in a fan shape to look like they are all fairy looking out . Then placed in first position the ace of spades and king of clubs eliminates closing the fan. When open it again , all cards result , be aces.

Escapist gems

Three small stones that are apparently strongly tied to a rope are released to the choice of the magician.

Traffic Light

This trick is simple but very effective . Grab the handle a palette with the colors of a traffic light on both sides , with a magic motion colors have changed in order for both sides , again the magician waves palette and the colors are changed to all red and green to finish the game magic.

Mysterious disks

Two shortcuts to a piece of string discs are mysteriously released (also can be done with three discs ) .

Sliding Ball

The magician places a ball on the table and covered with a cloth. He then performs some magical moves. Suddenly , the ball moves from one end of the table and falls . The public may inspect the ball after it is apparently normal .

The mystical wand

The magician takes the wand with his left hand. Mysteriously, when you open palm nothing inside the wand it remains on the palm without falling. Then he puts his hand on the wand horizontally sliding down the palm.

The ball that color changes

The magician holds in his right hand a pink ball and left covers . The ball changes color and becomes of amarrillo color, the ball may be examined later by the public.

Moving Cards

The magician holds two cards in his hand (for example the 10 of hearts and spades 10). The following placed on the table. Take the top card and put it under the table. Ask the public what letter is under the table. Well supposedly know, Dando tapped the table, announced that they have moved, pulling the bottom which is what was up.

Inside the bottle

The magician shows the audience a plastic bottle, into which introduces a piece of rope, one end loose and it remains tied to the rope. Better yet the magician can turn the bottle around your head without that separates the rope from the bottle.

Ring through the magic wand

The magician holds the magic wand in his left hand and a ring on the right, the ring against the wand and suddenly placed the ring through the wand.