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The floating ring

The magician pulls out his wand from his jacket pocket and enter a ring. At his command, the Anilo will move up and down the wand, look like they are bewitched but when the magician asks the public to examine them, everything seems normal.


Prepare your magic wand with a piece of sewing thread black about 30 cm as follows: remove the tip of the wand and tie a tie with one end of the wire by placing the tip again, tied the other end of the strand to a button your jacket. Place the wand inside jacket pocket. Remove the ring and start acting. Remove the wand from his pocket and held vertically with the end that has not been tied down, then slide the Anilo on the wand from the top down, if you move the wand forward the ring will rise if the moves for your body ring it down (with the help of black sewing thread) will move up and down. When you're done the trick, separates flip thread wand and no one sees you and presents the material for inspection.