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The card traveling under the table

The magician takes two cards one the Ace of clubs and another 10 hearts, separated from some magical place and passes the cards have moved.


Use the double letter back with the Ace of Clubs and 10 of hearts, the other letter is normal with 10 of hearts. Take this last in your left hand and then place it underneath the card trick two sides , showing the ace of clubs first and the 10 of hearts second. Flip them and you carry them under the table and gives even a spectator, now takes the bottom card (letter duplexing) and show the public that you take the 10 of hearts and you've left the ace of clubs for the , flicking the letter that take you and this becomes the ace of clubs , having in hand the spectator the 10 of hearts . The audience will be amazed to discover that the cards have changed places magically .