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The mystical wand

The magician takes the wand with his left hand. Mysteriously, when you open palm nothing inside the wand it remains on the palm without falling. Then he puts his hand on the wand horizontally sliding down the palm.


Take the wand with the left hand and holding the wrist with the right, using the index finger to hold the wand firmly against the palm of your hand and hold it in position, you can tell the public that to do this trick you need to hand very firm and therefore subject wrist with your right hand. Go slowly opening the fingers and carefully and public vera as the wand is firmly held without the help of any finger of the left hand. Inclining his hand forward, but always with the back of his hand to the public, you can release the wand grip of the right index finger and allow it to oscillate freely through your palm (with the index close finger) This simple effect can be very effective and leave the public perplexed.