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The ball juggler

A ball is kept in balance left over magic wand going from one extreme to the other, after performing this trick, you show the ball and wand to the public for inspection.


A piece of black elastic yarn (about 14 cm) is picked and one end is roped around the ring finger of the left hand. The other end is left to hang without showing it to the public. With his right hand, showing the wand and the ball the public so that they inspect, then place them on the table in front of you, placing the ball immediately behind the wand now you must take the wand at both ends with the thumbs and forefingers of both hands, but at the same time, slyly grips free piece of black thread between the ring and little fingers of the right hand. Now you can lift the ball between the wand and the black elastic thread. Bowing slightly wand make the ball move. Repeat the movement several times, then hides the piece of thread and let the public discuss the elements of the trick.