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The thimble that crosses handkerchiefs

Athimble is placed on the right index magician and covered with a handkerchief. Suddenly, the thimble is no longer under the handkerchief but about it !.


Place a thimble on the index of your left hand and cover it with a handkerchief finger. Then lift both, to replace them ( but this time you must catch a glimpse of the tissue between the fingertip and thimble ) . Obviously , you have to practice this movement many times so that the public will not notice. Then turn your hand back and fold half fairy behind the rest of the scarf over the thimble , it seems that indeed the thimble has passed the handkerchief. The right hand is behind the handkerchief is gripped between your index finger and thimble . NOTE : The scarf is not included in the kit magic.