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Moving Cards

The magician holds two cards in his hand (for example the 10 of hearts and spades 10). The following placed on the table. Take the top card and put it under the table. Ask the public what letter is under the table. Well supposedly know, Dando tapped the table, announced that they have moved, pulling the bottom which is what was up.


Takes the letter double-sided and backstroke double (10 of Hearts and 10 of spades respectively, hold the two cards in a fan shape with your right hand between the thumb and forefinger, the 10 of hearts should be at the right and the letter with a left back, put a card on top of another, we must be careful that the part that ours is the 10 of spades and double letter back on the table and 10 hearts (the other side) over looking haca up. Take the top card and turning put it under the table, utters the magic words to change the suit of the card effectively. Put the letter above the double letter back of the 10 table taking care not to show it has two sides. Take the two letters to show that both be in perfect condition, using of course, the sliding movement to ensure the effect.