Learn Magic with Us!

Inside the bottle

The magician shows the audience a plastic bottle, into which introduces a piece of rope, one end loose and it remains tied to the rope. Better yet the magician can turn the bottle around your head without that separates the rope from the bottle.



In the magic kit you will find a glass that has been designed so that it can be transformed into an enchanted bottle, the cap is not used in this trick but we need the magic rope and sponge ball or small plastic hide in the hollow of your hand, joins the bottle and insert the rope into it and the public to inspect everything. Bring it to mount the bottle and using this time to introduce the small ball sponge or plastic on the bottom of the bottle so that the rope is held against it, holding the rope and bottle turning gently pulls the rope and ball It is introduced with the neck of the bottle holding the rope. Then move the bottle roll rope with magical movements. Disassembles the bottle and gives check items minus the beanbag sponge or plastic.