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The Houdini Dice

It shows the public a given embedded in a frame with a piece of string that runs through both. While a voluntary public holding the rope on both sides, the magician covering his hands with the help of a handkerchief, manages to remove the die frame without breaking the rope. After the trick, the public may examine all elements.


In your set of magic, find a frame given a piece of rope, a black die with a side slit and one black die with a hole in per center. The slit die is placed on the frame before the trick, with two holes through the frame and through the slit. Hides as it has the hole in your hand under the handkerchief. Ask an audience member to hold the rope at both ends and pulls the handkerchief given camouflaging hole in the palm of your hand or under the handkerchief. Cover the frame with the handkerchief and say you're going to take given the rope with your favorite magic words. Covering you with the handkerchief takes the die having the slit of the frame and at the same time drops the hole on the table. Now remove the handkerchief and you save it in your pocket with the other die. You can let the public inspect all without course to discover the secret.